Ice Bath / Cold Plunge Rental in Singapore

If you're living in Singapore and looking for an effective way to take your health and wellness to the next level, you might want to consider renting a cold plunge from us.

We offer short and long-term rentals for a range of different models in various sizes and shapes, ensuring that we have the perfect fit for your space and needs.

For our rental service, we use our inflatable bath tubs, which are light and flexible but still sturdy and durable. Our setup process is quick and easy, taking just around 30 minutes to get everything up and running. All you need to provide is a power and water supply, and some space, and we'll take care of the rest.

One of our satisfied customers, Phil, is already well-versed in the benefits of cold plunging and is a follower of the renowned "Ice Man" Wim Hof. Previously, he would buy ice packages and put them in his regular bathtub, but he found this to be inconvenient, costly, and unsustainable.

With our rental service, he now enjoys the convenience of clean and ice-cold water at the touch of a button. Our rental service is a sustainable and cost-effective solution to incorporate cold plunging into your wellness routine.

Don't hesitate to send us a request if you're interested, but be quick, as we're experiencing high demand. As always, first come first serve.

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