TUNDRA Ice Bath is part of the LIV Golf Event in Singapore. We bring our cold plunge solutions to professional golf athletes.

TUNDRA Ice Bath at LIV Golf Event in Singapore

As the golfing world sets its sights on the Sentosa Golf Club for the upcoming LIV Golf event in Singapore, TUNDRA Ice Bath is proud to announce its crucial role in supporting player performance. We will be providing two YUKON Regular size units, ensuring that the pros can cool down and recover.


Event Spotlight: Sentosa Golf Club

From May 3rd to 5th, Sentosa's renowned Serapong course, recently named the best in the world, will host the LIV Golf event. Spectators can enjoy not just the sport but also the breathtaking views of jungles, lakes, and the Singapore skyline. The event promises excitement with a unique team format and innovations that have already transformed the golfing landscape.

Serapong Golf Course

The Importance of Ice Baths in Professional Golf

In the scorching heat of Singapore, maintaining peak physical condition is challenging. TUNDRA Ice Baths provide an essential service for the players. Here’s how ice bathing benefits elite athletes, especially in a demanding sport like golf:

  • Reduced Muscle Inflammation and Soreness: After walking the course and swinging under the hot sun, golfers can experience significant muscle fatigue. Ice baths help reduce inflammation and soreness, enabling faster recovery.
  • Enhanced Circulation and Recovery: Cold exposure aids in flushing out metabolic waste from muscles and improves blood circulation, essential for recovery and subsequent performance.
  • Mental Refreshment: Mental resilience is key in golf. A quick ice bath can rejuvenate the mind, helping players maintain focus and composure throughout the day.
Ice Bath in Use


As the LIV Golf event takes over Singapore, TUNDRA Ice Bath is excited to be a part of this prestigious gathering of golfing talent. We are here to support the best players like Brooks Koepka and Jon Rahm, as they navigate one of the world’s most challenging courses.

To learn more about TUNDRA Ice Baths and our range of products, visit our Resources. Discover how our innovative solutions are making a difference in sports and wellness globally.

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