TUNDRA Ice Bath at PURE Fitness Singapore. Cold Plunge event for PURE members.

Diving into Wellness and Recovery with TUNDRA's Cold Plunge Event at PURE Fitness in Singapore

Hello from Team TUNDRA!

What an amazing week we had at PURE Fitness Asia Square in Singapore! From December 7th to 9th, TUNDRA brought a unique cold plunge experience to the fitness enthusiasts of Singapore. Our exclusive event showcased the refreshing and invigorating world of cold plunging, right here in the heart of the city.

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Highlights of Our Singapore Cold Plunge Event

Our YUKON series – Small, Regular, and Large tubs – were the stars of the show, each set to the perfect chilly temperatures ranging from a cool 3 degrees to a more moderate 12 degrees Celsius. Over 150 PURE Fitness members in Singapore took the challenge, experiencing the energizing effects of the cold plunge.


Building a Community with Cold Plunge

More than just a test of endurance, this event turned into a vibrant social gathering. It was incredible to see members in Singapore, many meeting for the first time, bonding over their cold plunge experiences. There were plenty of smiles, conversations, and a real sense of community – all around our TUNDRA tubs!


The Health Benefits of Cold Plunging

We were excited to educate our members about the benefits of cold plunging. This wellness practice, gaining popularity not only in Singapore, is known for improving circulation, speeding up muscle recovery, and enhancing mental clarity. The feedback was fantastic – members reported feeling refreshed and revitalized after their dips. Read here for more information.


Reflecting on Our Cold Plunge Event in Singapore

This event was a wonderful opportunity for us at TUNDRA to bring together fitness, wellness, and community in Singapore. The enthusiasm and positive responses from the members of PURE Fitness were truly inspiring.

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Join the Cold Plunge Movement

Curious about cold plunging and its benefits? Visit our website here for more information. And keep an eye out for more TUNDRA events in Singapore – we're all about bringing innovative wellness experiences to you.
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