Philippines Model and Actor Kylie Verzosa with TUNDRA Ice Bath

Philippines Model and Actor Kylie Verzosa with TUNDRA Ice Bath


We’re thrilled to see prominent health advocate Kylie Verzosa integrate our ice bathing solutions into her wellness routine. Known for her dedication to physical and mental well-being, Kylie exemplifies the spirit of our mission: enhancing wellness through innovative health practices.

Who is Kylie Verzosa?

Kylie Verzosa is not just a public figure in the Philippines, she is a beacon of inspiration worldwide. As Miss International 2016, and an active mental health advocate, actress, and model, she uses her influential platform to promote mental health awareness. Kylie's lifestyle aligns seamlessly with TUNDRA’s vision of promoting health and resilience.

Benefits of Ice Bathing:

Kylie’s daily regimen includes the practice of ice bathing, celebrated for its numerous health benefits. This rejuvenating practice is gaining momentum across the globe for reasons such as:

  • Enhanced Recovery: Accelerates muscle recovery and reduces inflammation.
  • Improved Circulation: Boosts blood flow and enhances immune system function.
  • Mental Clarity: Clears the mind and reduces stress levels.
  • Elevated Mood: Triggers endorphin release, naturally elevating mood.

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TUNDRA’s Presence in the Philippines:

As TUNDRA expands in the Philippines, we are eager to connect with individuals who value their health and wellness. Our ice baths are designed to perform optimally even in tropical climates, ensuring every session is refreshingly cool and effective. Kylie Verzosa’s endorsement underscores the quality and reliability of our offerings, affirming our commitment to the health-conscious community here.


Kylie Verzosa’s adoption of regular ice baths is a testament to her commitment to living a healthy lifestyle. Her involvement is crucial as we introduce the transformative benefits of ice bathing to more people in the Philippines and beyond. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, seeking wellness, or someone looking to enhance their daily health routine, TUNDRA Ice Bath provides an unparalleled experience in pursuing a vibrant, healthier life.

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