TUNDRA Ice Bath and Trapeze Recovery Club in Singapore: A Collaboration for Holistic Wellness

TUNDRA Ice Bath and Trapeze Recovery Club in Singapore: A Collaboration for Holistic Wellness

At TUNDRA Ice Bath, we believe in fostering wellness through mindful, holistic approaches. Our mission to promote health aligns perfectly with the philosophy of Trapeze Recovery Club (TRC) in Singapore. We are happy to announce our collaboration with TRC, a comprehensive wellness hub committed to a multifaceted approach to health and wellbeing.

TRC recently upgraded their cold plunge facilities to one of our Pro models, an addition that has been “coldly” welcomed by their community. A consistently colder plunge, has elevated the TRC experience, driving positive feedback from satisfied members.

Trapeze Recovery Club is more than just a fitness club. Their philosophy, driven by the concept of 'Playful Balance', embraces eight dimensions of wellness. Services offered span across diverse disciplines such as fitness, yoga, martial arts, mental wellbeing, recovery treatments, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Their in-house Canteen serves up nourishing meals and beverages, enhancing their holistic health offerings.

One of TRC's standout features is their cold plunge and sauna facility. Members enjoy contrast therapy, a treatment that alternates between heat and cold exposure for recovery purposes. Our TUNDRA “Borealis” Pro plays an integral part in this, delivering on both the recovery and wellness fronts.

At TUNDRA Ice Bath, we are delighted to contribute to the comprehensive wellness journey offered by TRC. We admire their efforts to make the pursuit of wellness both engaging and enjoyable. This collaboration is more than just a partnership; it is a testament to our shared vision of promoting overall wellbeing through thoughtful, innovative solutions. 

Here's to more cold plunges, more wellness, and a more holistic approach to health. Dive in!


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