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Tundra Ice Bath

TUNDRA Infrared Sauna - Equinox

TUNDRA Infrared Sauna - Equinox

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- TUNDRA IR sauna
- integrated control panel



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TUNDRA Infrared Sauna - Equinox

Introducing Equinox, our Low EMR/Low EF Infrared Sauna designed to harmonize your wellness experience. The name Equinox symbolizes balance—a perfect complement to our cold plunge pools, allowing you to enjoy the best of both warmth and cold.

Ideal for those with limited space fits effortlessly into almost any room corner. Despite its compact size, it doesn't skimp on luxury—offering Pure Infra Low EMR/Low EF technology, an all-glass front wall, and both valance and bench skirt lighting. Elevate your sauna experience with white lights and color light therapy options.

- Low EMR and Low EF across the board
- Meets even Sweden's stringent EMR/EF standards
- Exclusive EvenHeat technology ensures quick, even warming with no cold spots
- Crafted in clear Canadian Hemlock for durability and aesthetic appeal
- Easy, tool-free assembly with prefabricated panels
- Full glass fronts and high-quality, tempered glass doors
- Bluetooth speaker for audio enjoyment

With Equinox, installation is a breeze. Its prefabricated panels enable fast assembly, meaning you can start your detox and relaxation journey within an hour of delivery.

Experience the balance of rejuvenating cold therapy and soothing warmth with TUNDRA's Equinox Infrared Sauna. Your pathway to holistic wellness awaits.

  • You don’t know which sauna to choose? We have a comprehensive guide to help you decide between a steam sauna and an infrared sauna, detailing their unique benefits and features to match your lifestyle and wellness goals.

If you still have further questions, please reach out to us. We're happy to help!